Grid Interactive / Grid Tie

At NK. Power Group we provide all the advisory on setting and maintaining solar power plants, including energy generation estimate, technical requirements, installation guidelines as well as technology comparisons to site selection and preparation and liaison with Government agencies.

Grid Interactive With Battery Backup

The solar system is independently capable of supplying power and is optimized to sustain performance over extended periods with minimum maintenance. The Parts keep a check on all components to avoid overcharging or overrunning the batteries for their extra-long life. The system is configured to ensure a short Payback Period and substantial Life Cycle Benefit.

Solar Water Pumping System

The water pumping system operates of power generated using the solar system. The electricity from the photovoltaic array converted from solar energy, is used for running the motor pump set AC / DC.

The pumping system draws water from the open well, bore well, stream, pond, canal or underground tank. The system requires a shadow-free area for installation of the solar Panel and is Eco-friendly and uses no Fuel.

This is a highly reliable and the long-life system can be used in non-grid connected areas like rural farms or application like flood control.

Off Grid Solar Power Plant

It can be custom designed with PV modules integrated into them. which converts solar energy directly into electricity. 0ur power packs are available with Grid-Tied as well as Off-Grid features and ensure the following

Customized local solutions for power needs for industrial or distributed requirements.
Online power generation and utilization of Solar Energy which operates at the highest efficiency to get max savings.
Build with in-house developed that gives the best quality integration, durability with maintenance-free operations.
Risk-free and improved payback with high life-cycle benefits.
End to end solution as well including Government liaison.

PV Technology

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